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CYC’d – one little word, so many meanings. Excitement. Enthusiasm. Energy. Positivity. Passion. At CYC’d For Bikes, that’s what we are – CYC’d For Bikes. We want to share our passion for riding with our customers, to empower them on their journey to a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and to encourage and promote the great sport of cycling.All of our staff are riders, they commute and race. Located 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, CYC’d has been purpose built to provide a new experience (GCW) for all bike riders. From kids to retirees, for beginners to Tour de France riders, we aim to provide the best service and advice for your cycling lifestyle. Enjoy the site, enjoy your bike!
What gets you Cyc'd?  
Now lets be honest – why do you ride a bike? Is it to relive your childhood? Do you remember when you were a kid and your bike was your ticket to freedom – a chance to cruise around and explore your neighbourhood. We can help you recapture that feeling of unadulaterated joy, be it on tarmac or dirt. Or is your motivation fitness and a healthy lifestyle? We all know cycling is a fun way to burn calories and will greatly increase cardio and aerobic fitness – and you’ll end up with a great pair of legs! Or maybe you’re a weekend warrior, putting in the hard yards every weekend, cranking out the big miles – when in all honesty you’re just doing it for the social interaction at the coffee shop.Does flowing through a single track spin your wheels? The feeling of being out in the fresh air, challenging yourself and your equipment, having some quality time out of the rat race. Maybe your bike is your mode of transport – why be stuck on public transport or have parking hassles, when in all liklihood a bike will get you where you need to be in a shorter amount of time, cheaper and with less frustration (and no stinky commuter smells).Whatever your motivation for riding, we want to equip you with the right bike and ensure you get the most out of it. Thanks for visiting our website – feel free to drop into the shop and see how we can get you CYC’d!
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